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Highlights of the CCNet 1.2 release

  • Subversion provider can now automatically checkout source
  • CVS provider can now automatically checkout source (there are configuration changes required for this)
  • CCNet server does a better job of killing child processes when it stops or shuts down.
  • Server log reporting in WebDashboard is improved. Server logs can now be viewed per project.
  • Improved Mono support.
  • Can view project configuration through the WebDashboard

Upgrading from CCNet 1.1

Breaking Changes
  • The cvsroot and module elements are now required for the CVS provider. This is to support automatic source checkout and to improve the performance of polling the repository for modifications. See the Cvs source control block for details.
Other Configuration Changes
  • The autoGetSource attribute is now true for all source control providers and need not be set explicitly in the ccnet.config file.
Upgrading from a version before 1.1?
  • You might be interested in the changes listed in the 1.1 release notes. CruiseControl.Net 1.1 broke compatibility with earlier versions of CCTray and the Web Dashboard.

Release Notes - CruiseControl .NET - Version 1.2

This is a list of Jira Issues resolved by this release :


  • CCNET-399 - Svn is not correctly converting dates to and from UTC
  • CCNET-576 - CVS: adds on a branch are treated as deletes on the trunk – this causes modifications to be detected when they really should be ignored
  • CCNET-621 - CCTray : On configuration screen, the server selection generate exception
  • CCNET-654 - Latest Builds of CCNET don't properly release child threads but older ones do
  • CCNET-658 - Cource control CVS, problem with Branch and CleanVersion
  • CCNET-723 - ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.Core.Util.TimeoutSerializer.Write Causes Exception In Project Serialization
  • CCNET-767 - System.FormatException: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime
  • CCNET-768 - Two builds of the same project in a row cause Detail column to not be displayed in CCTray
  • CCNET-776 - CCTray's http transport consumes 100% of the server CPU for some users
  • CCNET-787 - Synergy - delimiter should be configurable
  • CCNET-788 - Synergy source control with Cruise Control .Net
  • CCNET-791 - Bug: Adding project twice results in duplicate project listing
  • CCNET-792 - Stopping server does not kill external processes
  • CCNET-793 - When viewing the server log cannot tell which project output from external process is associated
  • CCNET-798 - CVS source task does not use branch parameter when building, but does use it for reporting.
  • CCNET-799 - ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.Core.CruiseControlException: Source control operation has timed out
  • CCNET-800 - MKS problems with files with spaces in the path
  • CCNET-803 - Exception When Parsing Modification - Patch Included
  • CCNET-810 - Dashboard pages are cached too long
  • CCNET-811 - Fix error message displayed when user accesses webdashboard and is not properly configured
  • CCNET-820 - fxcop-summary.xsl produces img tags with an unsubstituted variable


  • CCNET-418 - Add --no-auth-cache to Svn command line
  • CCNET-583 - Support Mono
  • CCNET-731 - EmailPublisher should support authentication
  • CCNET-735 - Enhance the BuildPublisher to allow single-directory distribution as well as label based directories
  • CCNET-789 - Persist "Volunteer to fix the build" user on server, CCTray, webdashboard
  • CCNET-790 - Project names may be truncated in Add Project dialog
  • CCNET-822 - Cvs provider should support the -S option for suppressing headers with no revision history
  • CCNET-823 - Remove UseHistory option from Cvs provider

New Features

  • CCNET-376 - 'Always Get Latest' option for VSS plugin
  • CCNET-641 - MsTest Report stylesheet (and summary report improvements)
  • CCNET-795 - Show server log for a specific project
  • CCNET-806 - Checkout source from CVS if source is not already checked out in working directory
  • CCNET-821 - SVN source control provider should support checkout
  • CCNET-824 - View Project Configuration through the WebDashboard


  • CCNET-427 - Set AutoGetSource="true" as default for all mature SC providers
  • CCNET-743 - How to display Nant csc build file error and get the CVS log revision displayed
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